Thursday, May 1, 2014

Update From LMSD on School Attendance

This information was provided by the LMSD Superintendent:
Just an update on getting school back started today. We had almost 2500 of our 2800 students report to school today. That's roughly 88% percent of our student body. On a good day we usually have around 95%. All things considered, we really had a great turnout today. We are under a boil water notice but have taken every precaution in the cafeterias. We have also been given a pallet of water to each school for each student to receive. We will go back to a regular schedule tomorrow.

Julie Jones and Dr. Bryant have coordinated the counselors for all the schools and it seems that we had more than enough at each school today. Several students especially the younger ones have asked to talk to people. We are documenting the students we talk to and will follow up with them over the next couple of weeks.

We have also done needs assessments at every school so we can find out what the displaced students needs are. We hope to have that information compiled today and will be available.

Our district has been so fortunate that we did not receive any significant damages. We only lost one bus that was parked at the drivers house behind EMEPA.