Friday, May 2, 2014

Use Caution in Your Source of Information

The outpouring of assistance from locals and those from other areas of the Country and state has been tremendous and help is flowing in and much is being accomplished.

The desire to help also brings some problems when the need is as great and widespread as that we face in Louisville and Winston County. We have a couple of cautions for the public:

Many people and groups are posting information particularly through social media and almost all have good intentions. Unfortunately the accuracy of that information can be suspect or in conflict with the needs of the organized relief effort.

There are also plenty of rumors that float around in times of disaster from crime to sensationalized storm stories to misinformation about relief efforts.

We urge you to get your information from established local news  sources. These include obviously WinstonWebNews, WLSM 107.1 radio and the Winston County Journal.

Our sources are confirmed as I am temporarily serving as public information officer for Winston County. We make every attempt to coordinate with WLSM and the Journal to get information out as accurately as possible and as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, plans issues are always changing and sometimes - what is accurate now may be completely different in a few hours. You will need to continue to monitor all local sources on a regular basis. Here's how:

Winston Web will have more detailed information on the webpage and will have shorter and quicker info on their Facebook and Twitter pages - all as WinstonWebNews.

WLSM radio is at 107.1 on the FM dial and will have updates during the day and breaking news.

The Winston County Journal has a Twitter and Facebook page. While their website is a pay site - they do have a Daily Tidbits section to provide free information.

Over the next few days we will have updated and continuing information on things that develop in this cleanup process. This will include more detailed info on debris removal and options, power and water updates, information on FEMA assistance, etc.

We caution the public to verify the source and veracity of information that you consume.