Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Winston EMA/WCBI/ to Host Weather Radio Programming on Wednesday

The Winston County Emergency Management Agency in conjunction with Charlie McCool’s Walgreens, WCBI TV, the Jackson Office of the National Weather Service, and Midland Corporation will be hosting a weather radio programing event on Wednesday, May 21.

Weather Alert Radios will be available at a deeply discounted price thanks to Midland and Charlie McCool’s Walgreen. Heather Sophia of WCBI TV will be on hand to program radio’s, sign autographs, and share weather information.

The recent disaster in Winston County has demonstrated the need for every home to have a weather alert radio in operation. The warnings these radios save lives by giving an alert that will wake almost anyone in the immediate area and up-date them to changing weather conditions.

The event will be from 2 pm until 6 pm at Charlie McCool’s Walgreens located on Main Street in downtown Louisville.