Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Center Hill Church of God in Christ Disaster Relief Site

Volunteers L to R: Sonya Woodard, Helen Harlan
(disaster victim), Janice Combest
(Photo by Elmetra Patterson)
Center Hill Church of God in Christ (COGIC) located on HWY 15 South is a Disaster Relief Site for the residents of Winston County, MS. This site was arranged by Deacon Jimmy Young and special members of Center Hill COGIC beginning on April 30, 2014 with doors opened to help victims struggling to recover from an annihilated tornado. We want the people to know life sometimes is dark but God is with us all to give us light in life when we need it the most.

It takes a team effort to recover from a disaster and this is what the Center Hill COGIC is doing. We will continue to do the hard work to support the people of Winston County, MS. We wish to thank all the leaders and hard workers at the coliseum that helped to make this disaster easier for those affected. Many blessings came to Louisville, MS, i.e. food, clothing, paper goods, first aide kits, water, baby food and many other things.

Center Hill COGIC is part of the recovery process to help restore life back to normal by praying, communicating, comforting and giving hugs. We pray for those who lost loved ones during this time. We thank the many benevolent volunteers who continue to work very hard during this disaster. Volunteers are remarkable people. May God give benison to each volunteer.