Wednesday, June 4, 2014

City- County Join with Others Across the State to Request Private Property Cleanup Authority

In an unprecedented effort, the City of Louisville and Winston County will join with Itawamba and Lee Counties along with the City of Tupelo in a meeting/press conference at Louisville City Hall at 10:00 am on Wednesday (June 4) to request authority and funding for debris removal on private property within those jurisdictions.

Noting that there are situations where a property owner may not qualify for assistance for debris removal through government programs or insurance coverage and that there will be some"unattended" properties  where owners may not be found or who refuse to clean up their property, these jurisdictions are requesting MSEMA to work with FEMA to provide the means to enter these properties and complete the cleanup process.

This would apply to properties determined to be a health hazard or public nuisance. WWN will have more details later today.