Wednesday, June 18, 2014

City of Louisville Receives $10 Million Insurance Check/ Updates Fees & Permits

The City of Louisville’s Board of Aldermen’s meeting began on Tuesday with a presentation of a $10,010,000 check from the city’s insurance company. The amount of the check was to cover the loss of the plywood facility located on S. Church Ave. that was destroyed in the April 28 tornado. As construction was ongoing at the facility, the city took the precaution of raising the insurance coverage up to $10 million just in the past few months. This coverage was for the real estate. Insurance on the equipment at the property is covered by the company intended to occupy the facility.

In other business, the Board:

· Acknowledged Otis Eichelberger’s retirement on June 30 with 40 years service.

· Accepted the application for a 5 year tax exemption from Polo Custom Products on for true value of property $65,184.50, (about $185 on city tax only)

· Authorized payment to the State Tax Commission for $23,309.62 for Nonhazardous Solid Waste Fee Annual Report on Landfill

· Accepted low quote from Ingram Equipment for garbage carts at $57.99 per cart, and approve payment of $32,593.00 (Alternate quote from SMEC at $65.54 per cart)

· Paid Invoices for Landfill purchases from 401-204-701 for cell construction 1. Century Construction & Realty, Inc. $30,227.50

· Approved Amendment #1 to the Monitoring Contract with True North

· Plywood Facility Quotes for debris removal: acknowledged that Hughes Construction was the low bidder and approved contract

· Adopted a resolution to apply for the Community Disaster Loan in case of future need.

· Discussed Building Inspector Services and gave the Mayor authority to hire Richard Bryan for 6 months at $5000/month

· Discussed Land Use Planning (zoning)and authorized application for EDA grant funding of $100,000 for GIS mapping services

· Acknowledged and accept the Homeland Security Grant for $10,000 to replace computers in Police Dept., E-911, and City Hall

· Acknowledged hiring landfill employee

· Transferred funds from General Government to E-911 Fund

· Transferred funds from General Government to Landfill Fund

· Authorizd the payment of $180.00 to National Rifle Association for membership and recertification as a firearm instructor for Andy Taylor and Barry McWhirter

· authorized the publication of a notice of request for qualifications for design services for rebuilding the plywood facility

· authorized payment of $5550 to Taylor Tucker for legal services in connection to three cases

· acknowledged a document a 101 with Century Construction for oily water transport treatment and disposal from the plywood facility

· rescinded the current fee system and adopted a new building permit fees schedule