Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Community Based Recovery Launches Winston Strong Website and Social Media Accounts

Through early efforts after the April 28th tornado,  Winston County long term relief was able to begin collecting donations for long term recovery needs quickly after the devastation.  After much discussion on the best use of funds and the structure of the organization, the Community Based Recovery Committee (CBRC) was established to oversee the funds and their use.

As part of that process, CBRC has set up an informational website to keep the public informed of donations, fund use, volunteer opportunities and how to request for assistance.

The website http://www.winstonstrong.org will also be tied to a Facebook account 'Winston Strong" and a Twitter account "Winston_Strong" to reach the public across the most popular forms of social media.

 The site  can be accessed at http://www.winstonstrong.org or at http://www.winstonstrong.com.

The nine member CBRC will oversee the coordination of volunteers and case managers who will work with individuals to maximize the resources available from all sources including Winston Strong Funds. Funds are administered through the Winston Community Development, Inc. which is an established 501c3 non-profit. This means that any contributions will be tax deductible.

Winston Strong is also asking for donations specifically for office  furniture, office supplies and equipment. The Community Based Recovery Committee does not allow disaster funds to be used for administrative purposes but only to assist people back into their homes.

The Winston Strong Case Managers and the Administrative Coordinator will soon be moving into a new location. Unfortunately there are no office supplies or furniture available.  Therefore Winston Strong is asking for donations for desks, filing cabinets, work tables, chairs, etc. For more information, contact Stephanie Black at 405-403-3404 or by email at winstonstrong@winstoncounty.com