Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Disaster Recovery/Rebuild Updates

Here are a few updates on disaster recovery and the rebuilding process here in Winston County:
  • Debris removal continues across the County and in the City of Louisville where the second pass of three has begun. Poor weather and a few technicalities have slowed the process in recent days but progress continues.
  • The debris removal process has also begun at plywood facility formerly known as Georgia Pacific. Signs have gone up for the new company known as Winston Plywood and Veneer.
  • Officials continue to look at the situation for Winston Medical Center in terms of rebuilding. The hospital board and local officials continue to work with insurance companies and FEMA to make the best informed decisions related to the facility. No decisions have been made at this time but efforts are being made to speed up the process relating to a rebuild of the existing hospital or possible new construction.
  • There have been multiple questions about the issuance of building permits within the city of Louisville. The Louisville Board of Aldermen will meet a week from today in a regularly scheduled meeting. Building permits are being issued in areas that were not affected by the storm and subject to debris removal issues.
  • Two group sites have been determined for temporary FEMA housing and any temporary housing will be limited for a time of 18 months. After that period of time, the housing must be removed or an extension granted by the city.
  • The disaster recovery center located on South Church Ave. in the old Georgia-Pacific office building will close at 6 PM on Wednesday but will reopen on Thursday as a SBA Disaster Loan Outreach Center. Individuals still have until June 30 to apply for FEMA assistance and/or an SBA Loan.
  • As of close of business on Monday, June 9, 1147 individual claims had been filed with FEMA in Winston County. This is second in the state only to Lee County. $4.7 million have been approved to date for individual assistance.
  • There is still a need for volunteers here in Winston County particularly for heavy equipment and debris removal. To volunteer, call 405 – 403 – 1817 or email to volunteers@WinstonCounty.org