Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Displaced Workers Gain Temporary Employment Through Emergency Grant

Workers who lost their employment in Winston County because of the April 28th tornado are gaining temporary employment through an emergency grant.

LMSD Superintendent Ken McMullan welcomes displaced workers to LMSD. Workers will find employment with LMSD as cafeteria workers, maintenance workers and as school nurses.
45-50 workers from Winston Medical Center, Turning Point, Teeters and the Winston County Nursing Home are among those who will be employed by the City  of Louisville, Winston County, Louisville Municipal School District, Winston County Health Department and Legion State Park.

The program is funded by a National Emergency grant administered through Three Rivers Planning and Development District in Pontotoc. Locally the program is coordinated by Lucresia Beamon (Doggett) at Louisville City Hall who is also a displaced worker from WMC.

Displaced workers are allowed employment for up to 6 months or up to $12000 which ever comes first.  Beamon said, "People are thankful to be working. In some cases, these jobs may work into permanent positions."

If you have lost your employment due to the effects of the April 28 tornado, contact Louisville City Hall to find out more about the program and possible employment.