Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lowndes County Official Searching for the Owner of Lost Photo

Ralph Billingsley is the County Administrator for Lowndes County.
On Wednesday morning, (June 4) Billingsley was in Louisville along with officials from several other counties and communities to participate in a press conference requesting FEMA assistance for private property debris cleanup.                  

After the conference, Billingsley approached WinstonWebNews to assist in finding the owner of this photograph.  The photo was found on his property in Lowndes County as he was cleaning his yard. It is believed that the photo is likely from Winston County.                                                                          

The photo is small (school picture size) and has a white strip along one side. If you can identify the child in the photo, please contact WinstonWebNews at 662-773-5555 or email us at or contact us on Facebook.