Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Winston Supervisors Hear Tree Removal Complaints

The Winston County Board of Supervisors heard complaints from property owners concerning removal of trees from their property by debris removal contractors. Jimmy Gregory and Hal Estes spoke to the board on Monday. The property owners felt that trees that were not on the right-of-way and that may have fallen back onto their property were improperly cut and hauled away. The owners believed these trees were salvageable as marketable timber and could have been sold by the land owner.

Board President Mike Peterson indicated that the board was aware of these issues and that one of their problems in dealing with the situation was getting a definitive answer from FEMA on these types of issues. Peterson said there was some confusion by subcontractors as to right of way descriptions.

The Board agreed to attempt to set up a meeting with the debris removal contractor and the property owners to discuss a solution.