Thursday, July 31, 2014

Presley Calls For Continuation Of Small Business Rate Incentives

Jackson, Mississippi (July 30, 2014) – In a series of letters sent to the heads of major Mississippi electric and natural gas utilities, Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley called for the companies to extend the sign-up periods for new small businesses who want to take advantage of the companies' small business incentive programs. Some utilities’ programs are set to expire with a take-service date at the end of this year. The incentives, which include offerings of reduced rates and waived security deposits, have saved over 1,600 small businesses in Mississippi more than $600,000 since inception, making the incentives the most successful utility rate program for small businesses in America.

House Passes VA Reform Bill

WASHINGTON, DC - U.S. Rep. Gregg Harper (R-Miss.) provided comments after the House of Representatives passed the “Veterans’ Access to Care through Choice, Accountability, and Transparency Act”:
“This afternoon, I voted in support of the Conference Report on H.R. 3230. This legislation is a step in the right direction to correct injustices and uphold our promise to care for our Veterans.”
Harper went on to say, “If signed into law, H.R. 3230 will provide our Veterans the opportunity to seek care from non-VA providers in the event that they cannot get their care at a VA hospital or clinic in a timely fashion. It authorizes the hiring of additional physicians, while also allowing the VA to fire Senior Executive Service (SES) employees for poor performance or misconduct. It is my hope that this legislation is quickly passed by the Senate and signed by the President.”
The Conference Report passed by a vote of 420 - 5.

Jordan Downs

ECCC Continues to Offer Educational Opportunities

East Central Community College in Decatur continues to offer a variety of educational opportunities to assist students of all ages in reaching their academic goals.

In addition to courses provide in a traditional classroom setting, East Central offers evening classes and video conference classes at various locations in the College’s five-county district. Numerous online courses are also available for the convenience of students.


Senator Ward Will Not Seek Re-election

District 18 State Senator Giles Ward from Louisville announced that he will not seek re-election to a third
term.  Ward made the statement during a speech at the Neshoba County Fair on Wednesday. Ward's District includes Leake, Neshoba and part of Winston County.

Ward was elected in 2007 and re-elected in 2011 and serves as Chairman of the Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks Committee and as Vice Chairman on Energy and Forestry Committees.

Ward indicated that he was looking forward to spending more time with his family. Ward's home was one of hundreds destroyed in Winston County in April's tornado.


Construction Begins

The Mennonite volunteers have begun construction on their first house in Winson County. Helping rebuild our community. (from Winston Strong)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Arnold Dyre Holds Book Signing

Arnold Dyre held a book signing at the Winston County Library for his new book "UNTRUTHS AND TRUTHS UNTOLD" on Tuesday July 29, 2014  from 2-4 p.m. Mr. Dyre entertained those present with excerpts from his novel and also told where and how the writing process for it began .

Arnold Dyre is a Navy veteran and retired lawyer who writes a weekly newspaper column for the Grenada Star in Grenada, Mississippi. He operates on the notion that life should not be taken too seriously.

Winston Medical Clarifies Services Locations

The following information is from the Winston Medical Center website concerning locations of services and contact information. 

Winston Medical Center-Admin Offices:
If you need to pay a bill, request your medical records, apply for a job listing with WMC, or need to speak to someone in Administration, the offices are located at 826 South Church Avenue.  We are conveniently located behind the FEMA/MEMA Office.  Call 662-773-6211 to reach a staff member.
Administration Office located at 923 South Church Avenue behind the FEMA/MEMA Offices

New Teacher Orientation Held Tuesday at LMSD

Gift bag winners: (LtoR)
Shaquinta Robinson,Matilda Miller,
Mary Adams,Brittany Burton &
Katie Beth Dahlem
School is almost here and the Louisville Municipal School District held an orientation and welcome for new teachers for the upcoming school year on Tuesday, July 29. Several won gift bags provided by Wal Mart for the occasion. Wal Mart also presented LMSD with 10 $100 gift cards and a $1000 gift card to help teachers buy needed back to school supplies.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Long Term Strategic Planning Process Meeting Set

The public is invited to the first Long Term Strategic Planning Process meeting to be held, Tuesday, August 5, at the Winston County Courthouse, 2nd floor. Meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m.

The meeting will be faclitated by FEMA & MEMA. They will be there to help the community formulate their own plan of action. The plan when complete will guide the disaster recovery efforts in the sectors of:
     1. Economic Development
     2. Health & Human Services
     3. Housing
If you are interested in helping with our communities recovery in any of these areas and are motivated to participate, please come to the planning meeting and sign up.

Extension Outdoors Don’t Let Ticks Spoil A Good Time

American dog ticks, such as this adult female, are one of 19 species of the disease-carrying parasite found in Mississippi. (Photo courtesy of Marina Denny)

Mississippi summers evoke thoughts of family vacations, rainy days and outdoor explorations. But with the heat and humidity come tiny critters that, if not discovered quickly, can ruin a fun day.

Nineteen species of ticks exist in Mississippi, but only a few are known to bite humans.

In Mississippi, the lone star tick -- or deer tick -- is the most common tick species. The adult stage is frequently found on white-tailed deer. It is present in all 82 counties and is most active in late summer and early fall. Deer ticks that feed on white-footed mice infected with Lyme disease ingest the bacterium and may pass it to humans.

Two other common tick species are the American dog tick and the brown dog tick. While their preferred host might be Fluffy the poodle, they won’t pass up a chance to latch onto Fluffy’s human companion. Both tick species are primary vectors of Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

To decrease the chance of tick bites, wear light-colored clothing. This makes it easier to spot ticks. Wear long-sleeved shirts and closed-toed shoes, and tuck pant legs into socks. If you’re not opposed to applying insect repellent, spray your clothes -- but not your skin -- with a repellent that contains permethrin. Apply repellants containing DEET to skin, but wash them off as soon as you return indoors.

Ticks that are not already attached to an animal host will hang out on the tips of grasses and low shrubs looking to hitch a free ride and an easy meal.

Check your body for ticks as soon as you return indoors. The longer a tick feeds, the greater the chance of disease transmission.

So what do you do if you find one of these eight-legged creatures dining on you or a loved one?

You may have been taught to coat the tick with clear nail polish or petroleum jelly or burn it off with a hot match, but these methods are not effective. They may even make the problem worse. For example, touching a feeding tick with a hot match may cause it to burst or even regurgitate infected fluids into the wound, increasing the risk of exposure to a disease pathogen.

The recommended removal method is to use blunt tweezers to grab the tick as close to the skin as possible and slowly pull up with steady, even pressure. Once the tick is removed, immediately disinfect the bite site and wash your hands with soap and water. The infectious agents carried by ticks can enter the skin through mucous membranes or tiny cuts.

If a tick bites you, pay close attention in the following days for any physical symptoms that may indicate disease transmission.

Rocky Mountain spotted fever symptoms may occur within 2 to 9 days after an infected tick bites a human. Symptoms include sudden fever, severe headache, muscle pain and a rash on the palms or soles of feet. Some symptoms are more common than others, and some, such as the rash, may not appear at all.

Lyme disease symptoms are a bit trickier to spot. The most common indicator is flu-like symptoms -- headaches, swollen lymph nodes, stiff joints and muscles, fatigue and low-grade fever -- sometimes accompanied by a bull’s-eye-shaped rash around the site of the bite. If detected early, antibiotics can cure Lyme disease. If left undiagnosed or untreated, late stage Lyme disease can become quite painful and debilitating.

For more information, download Mississippi State University Extension Service bulletin 1150, “A Guide to Ticks of Mississippi,” at

By Marina D’Abreau Denny
Research Associate III
Mississippi State University

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Winston Co. Supervisors to Meet on July 28

The Winston County Board of Supervisors will meet on July 28 with the following agenda:

  • Discussions with FEMA
  • Beaver Contrl Program
  • C-Spire Contract for cell phones
  • Notice from EMEPA on Dean Park Bill
  • Joe McCrary - budget
  • Department Heads
  • Executive Session

Locally Owned and Locally Operated by Tim & Shawn Butts!!

Friday, July 25, 2014

What's Happenin This Weekend

The big news is the Neshoba County Fair opens tonight! Tonight features the HARPER, MORGAN AND SMITH PRCA Rodeo and musical performance by Southbound. Saturday features include the "Heart O Dixie" Triathlon, more rodeo and music by U.S. On Sunday, get ready for the harness and horse races at 2 pm and a gospel concert in the evening.

 Here in Louisville, the "Back to School Rally" will be held on Saturday at the Louisville High Auditorium from 4-6pm with free school supplies.

Mid-Ms Bowhunters will be hosting a 3D archery shoot on July 26 at the Tombigbee National Forest. The location is 2.2 mile south of Ackerman on HWY 15 and about 12 mile north of Louisville on HWY 15. For more information contact Ben Jackson at 601-954-2662.

As always, check out our calendar page for local events and have a great weekend!!

Winston Strong Needs a Variety of Volunteers

Winston Strong has a need for  a variety of volunteers in the month of August. See the list below for details:

Winston STRONG Community Based Recovery Committee (Louisville, Winston County, MS)
Volunteer Opportunities for August
Need Period: August 1 – 31, 2014

Will guide volunteer teams to worksite locations. Need to be familiar with local streets, roads, and highways. Must have reliable transportation.
Availability needed: Typically, Monday – Saturday, 8:00 am – 9:00 am and/or by call. Will not be an everyday need.

Great volunteer opportunity for active senior citizen or stay-at home mom (after school starts)
Volunteer will not have to remain on-site with team.

Louisville Native Joins an Elite List of Athletes in Ms. Sports Hall of Fame

Louisville native Doug Cunningham will be inducted into the
photo from
Ms. Sports Hall of Fame
Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame in a ceremony tonight at 7:00 pm. The former Louisville Wildcat, Ole Miss Rebel and San Fransisco 49er will join a list of acomplished inductees that includes: Ruthie Bolton (basketball), Duece McAllister & Steve McNair (football), Richard Williams (coaching) and Calvin Smith (track & field).

Cunningham, a running back and kick returner at Ole Miss, played in the NFL for eight years, most of that time with the San Francisco 49ers before finishing his career with the Washington Redskins. Drafted in the 6th round in 1967, Cunningham played in the NFL with players such as Steve Spurrier, John Brodie and Gene Washington.

The Class of 2014 will be inducted at a banquet at the Jackson Hilton July 25, 2014, followed by more BancorpSouth Induction Weekend activities on July 26 at the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame Museum.


Sales Tax Holiday Begins Today

Missisippi's Sales Tax Holiday began today and runs through tomorrow (July 25-26). Clothing and footwear under $100 are included in the tax exemption. There are lots of restrictions  and requirements and many items such as school supplies are not eligible. For more information, visit the Department of Revenue's site by clicking here.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Officials Looking for Cost Effective Solutions for Slab/Concrete Removal

Winston Web News has learned that efforts are under way to facilitate proposals for slab removals for homes destroyed in the April 28th tornado.  Currently concrete material is not eligible for debris removal from City and County right of ways. Under FEMA requirements ,FEMA/MEMA reimbursed debris removal contractors cannot pick up or be reimbursed for removing slabs and other concrete from private property.

Details have not been completed at this time but officials are looking at the option for local contractors to submit proposals at a set price for slab removal and backfill of the site. A possible site for the concrete has been explored.


Presley says program is aimed at helping Mississippi businesses
who don't pack up and go to China and Mexico

Jackson, Mississippi (July 24, 2014) – In a series of letters sent
today to the heads of major Mississippi electric and natural gas utilities, Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley called for the companies to extend the sign-up periods for new small businesses who want to take advantage of the companies' small business incentive programs. Some utilities’ programs are set to expire with a take-service date at the end of this year. The incentives, which include offerings of reduced rates and waived security deposits, have saved over 1,600 small businesses in Mississippi more than $600,000 since inception, making the incentives the most successful utility rate program for small businesses in America.

Horne CPAs & Business Advisors Join Others at Dean Park

Friends of Dean Park, Inc., Master Gardeners of Winston County and Experience Works trainees welcomed Horne employees to Dean Park to help clean debris and care for plants in the playground landscape.  County Agent Mike Skipper was coordinator of this event. All of the groups volunteered from 9 a. m – 3 p.m. HORNE LLP, one of the nation’s top 50 accounting firms, kicked off its annual Summer of Service Community service program in June.  Annually, HORNE SENDS MORE THAN 500 TEAM MEMBERS OUT INTO THEIR LOCAL COMMUNITIES ACROSS Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Louisiana and Texas to participate in various community service projects.  Katesia Magee Sanders was the team’s leader.  She is the granddaughter of Harold Hudson. The other volunteers were Chelsey Neal, Paris Porter, Jessica Warren, Ryan McKibben, Shelita Burns, Albert Sappington, Lauren Ingram and Jessica Synder.

C:\Users\Elmetra Patterswon\Documents\Horne 2014 SummerofServiceRelease(3)\TeamwithOtherLocalVolunteers#2.jpeg

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Construction and Rebuilding Progressing in Louisville

Rebuilding across Winston County and the City of Louisville is well
underway three months after the April 28th tornado. With no permit system in the County, hard numbers are difficult to come by but continually updated information from the City of Louisville is available.

With extensive damage and cleanup requirements in the affected areas, rumors circulated that building permits were not being issued by the City and/or that the costs of permits were prohibitive.

A review of permit requirements and fees and total permit issues indicate that permits are being issued and that fees are only slightly higher than those prior to the tornado damage.

OTR Makes Additional Donation to WinstonStrong

Dustin Smith (center) with OTR makes a $5000 donation to
WinstonStrong. (Mike Dowd on left, Hubert Yates on right)
This is OTR's 2nd donation to the cause.

Winston County Library Receives a Beautiful Gift

The Winston County Library recently received a beautiful piece of hand-made pottery from Glendia Cooper.  The piece, titled “Black and White”, has been added to the library’s permanent art collection.  Ms. Cooper grew up in Louisville but now resides in Jacksonsonville, FL, where she teaches high-school art. Last summer, several of her pieces were on display in the Winston County Library.  She received her B.A. from Mississippi Valley State University and an M.A. in teaching from Jacksonville University.  Inspiration to work with clay came in her early childhood and adolescence, spent in the state of Mississippi, with its rich soils replete with various clays.  Her pieces are created using the “coil method” and the “slab method”.  Her tour of Egypt, Benio, Ivory Coast, Kenya and Brazil provided the inspiration for a series of intriguing pieces of work that includes boxes, reliquaries and vessels.  Glendia’s parents were James and Louise Cooper and grandparents were Houston and Emma Cooper, all of Louisville.

A Busy Summer at Winston County Library!!

The Winston County Library has had a busy summer with a multitude of programs. Located on Park Street, the library staff has brought reading programs and fun to Winston County. The following are photos and highlights:

Animal Science programs from "Fizz, Boom, Read
Michael Opferman of Animal Science,
introduces two skeptical young men
to a boa constrictor.
Giant African Bullfrog
Giant Tarantula

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"Fizz, Boom, Read" Prize Winners

Here are the reading prize winners from the “Fizz, Boom, Read” summer library program for 1st – 5th graders. 181 children registered for this program and they read 5,027 books!

Grand Prize Winner ($50 Wal-Mart Gift Certificate) Emma Creel (winning name drawn by Robert Hutto, Sr. of the Louisville Fire Dept.)

Winston Co Sheriff Seeking Information on Hwy 15 N Break-In

The Winston County Sheriff's Office is seeking the public's assistance concerning a break-in at a residence in the 5000 block area of Hwy 15 N. The incident was reported on July 14.

Investigators determined that an outbuilding was broken into and a Hoyt Hybrid Bow with case was taken. The back door of the home was broken and a 46 " Westinghouse flat screen TV and a 31" Samsung flat screen TV was taken along with assorted jewelry and work clothes.

Anyone who has information on this incident or these items should contact Winston County CrimeStoppers at  662-773-9999 or the Winston County Sheriff's Department at 662-773-5881.

Calls to CrimeStoppers are anonymous and  rewards up to $1000 are offered for information on crimes in Winston County.

WinstonStrong Partners With World Renew for Recovery Services

The WinstonSTRONG Community Based Recovery Committee is partnering with World Renew to conduct an assessment of long-term recovery needs as a result of the April 28, 2014 Tornado. This is the first step in working with the families in Winston County to see that all available services have been applied for and that their long-term needs have been identified.

The WinstonSTRONG Community Based Recovery Committee is a community based organization in Louisville that was established after the April 28, 2014 Tornado in order to help homeowners who after insurance and government benefits still need help in order to recover.

The World Renew team will be in the area August 5th, 2014 – August 15th, 2014 and will be providing walk-in centers at the following locations:

"Spark A Reaction" Teen Reading Program Winners

The Winston County Library presents this years winners of the teen reading program, a science based theme titled "Spark A Reaction".
Program was for teens from grades 6-12.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


SCOOBA – The deadline to become a member of East Mississippi Community College’s 2014-15 Mighty Lion Band is Aug. 1, when the first of two summer band camps will begin.

Band Director Steve Stringer announced the pair of summer band
camps to be held Aug. 1-5 and Aug. 12-15 at EMCC’s Scooba campus. Tryouts to become a part of the Mighty Lion Band remain open and interested students should visit to register for an audition.

EMCC’s summer band camps are mandatory for all members of the band. Students are encouraged to act quickly before available scholarship money has been awarded and dorm rooms are no longer available.

ECCC Football Camp

These area football players are shown receiving instruction from East Central Community College assistant football coach Mickey Mays during a Warrior Football Camp held earlier this summer on the Decatur campus. Participants received instruction on fundamentals and techniques in a fun atmosphere, said second-year ECCC head football coach Ken Karcher. “Our camps are designed to teach skills that make better football players and build young men,” said Coach Karcher. Mays serves as special teams coordinator and defensive line coach. Other Warrior assistants include Charles Jones, safeties and assistant strength coach; Eric Gray, corners and head strength coach; Dennis Alexander, offensive line coach; and recent staff addition Ben Cooper, tight ends coach.

Winston County Supervisors' Agenda Now Online

The agenda for Monday's (July 21) meeting of the Winston County Supervisors is now online on the County's Website. To view the agenda -  click here.  Supervisors meet every 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 9:00 am in the Winston County Courthouse and meetings are open to the public.

Pictures From The April 28th Tornado

These are some of the photos that are on display at the Winston County Library that were found in pastures, trees, ditches, and yards after the April 28th tornado. There are now over 100 photos at the library. They are asking people to come by and see if they can identify people or places in the photos and help us return them to their owners. Many photos have already been returned to families.

Winston County Library Summer Reading Program Decorations

Our lobby decorations were awesome! Eiland Middle School Gifted Class, under the direction of school librarian Jenny Vowell, decorated the Winston County Library lobby for the Fizz, Boom, Read and Spark A Reaction Summer Reading Programs.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


The Pilot Club of Louisville has received word from the North Pole
that a special visitor will be making an extra trip to Winston County this year on July 31st. This historical event will be the first ever summer visit to our area for a well-known world traveler who usually only ventures on lengthy journeys during the long winter months.

 A Christmas in July Party will be held at the Shriners’ Club from 6:00 P.M. until 8:00 P.M on Thursday, July 31st for children affected by the recent storm. Due to the fact so many children lost their toys the elves have been working extra hard to pack school supplies and gift cards for the young children who were in the tornado’s path on April 28th. Hopefully, the gift cards can be used to replace a few of the children’s lost treasures.

ECCC Warrior Golf Classic Nets $10,000 in Student Scholarships

Golfers representing SouthGroup Cox in Carthage claimed the championship trophy but students are once again the real winners following the 13th annual East Central Community College Warrior Golf Classic held earlier this summer at the Dancing Rabbit Golf Club, located on the Pearl River Resort in Choctaw.

Sponsored by the ECCC Alumni Association, the four-person scramble netted $9,850 for student scholarships, according to event coordinator Dr. Stacey Hollingsworth, executive director for Foundation and Alumni Relations at ECCC in Decatur.

AT & T Contributes to Winston Strong!!

Contributions to Winston Strong continue as C. D. Smith, Regional Director with AT&T is shown making a donation of $15,000. Thank you for your support of our community.

ECCC Day Set July 28 at Neshoba County Fair

East Central Community College invites its many alumni, students and prospective students to attend “EC Day” activities scheduled Monday, July 28 at the Neshoba County Fair.

Activities begin at 1 p.m. at Founders’ Square Pavilion and features performances by the Collegians, Ac’cents Show Choir, Warrior Cheerleaders and the Centralettes, the dance line for the Wall O’ Sound Marching Band.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Scott “Scotty G.” Gregory Elected to Serve as VP for the Mississippi Coroner/M.E. Association

Winston County Coroner Scott Gregory, currently serving his third term as Coroner for  Winston County, Mississippi was unanimously elected as Vice President of the Mississippi Coroner/Medical Examiner Association via the 162 members of the Association on Friday, July 11, 2014.  Gregory will begin serving his two-year term as Vice President in January 2015. Gregory is also currently the District 5 President for the 10 counties surrounding Winston County.

Gregory, Chief Medical Examiner Investigator for Winston County, served as District President from 2007- 2009 and 2011, 2012 as well as 2014, presiding over a 10 county area including: Calhoun, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Clay, Lowndes, Monroe, Noxubee, Oktibbeha , Webster and Winston.

Back To School Rally - July 26

In Partnership with the Louisville Municipal School District, Winston County's NAACP  will hold a "Back to School Rally on Saturday,July 26 from 4- 6 pm at the Louisville High School Auditorium.

Free school supplies, entertainment and an introduction of LMSD School Staff are on the agenda. Also included is a guest speaker, Albert Sykes.

Sykes is the Director of Advocacy and Policy for the Young
People’s Project (YPP), and the proud father of three sons. This 30 year old is a 15-year veteran of YPP/The Algebra Project. Growing up around the corner from where NAACP member and civil rights activist Medgar Evers lived and died has been one of Albert’s driving forces in doing the work needed to move Mississippi and our nation forward.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Win ECCC Golf Classic Course Prizes

East Central Community College golf bags were presented to the above golfers who won various on-course contests at the 13th Annual Warrior Golf Classic held earlier this summer at the Dancing Rabbit Golf Club, located on the Pearl River Resort in
Choctaw. From left are Chris Covington and Tanner Long, both of Louisville and Polo Custom Products team members; Rusty Thoms (Howard Industries) of Madison and Bob Jordan (SouthGroup Cox) of Kosciusko. Sponsored by the ECCC Alumni Association, this year’s event netted $9,850 for student scholarships, according to event coordinator Dr. Stacey Hollingsworth, executive director for Foundation and Alumni Relations.

Louisville Aldermen Agenda Now Online

Louisville's Board of Aldermen meet this evening (Tuesday, July 15) in a regularly scheduled meeting. The Board's agenda is now online on the City's website on the news page or you may go directly to the agenda by - clicking here

New Synthetic Turf Soon a Reality at ECCC

Progress continues toward the installation of a new synthetic turf at East Central Community College’s Warrior stadium on the Decatur campus. Gravel was poured on the football field last week in preparation for the installation phase, which is scheduled to begin the week of July 14. The $727,000 project is expected to be completed in time for the Warrior’s home opener with MS Gulf Coast Community College Thursday, Sept. 11.