Sunday, July 20, 2014


SCOOBA – The deadline to become a member of East Mississippi Community College’s 2014-15 Mighty Lion Band is Aug. 1, when the first of two summer band camps will begin.

Band Director Steve Stringer announced the pair of summer band
camps to be held Aug. 1-5 and Aug. 12-15 at EMCC’s Scooba campus. Tryouts to become a part of the Mighty Lion Band remain open and interested students should visit to register for an audition.

EMCC’s summer band camps are mandatory for all members of the band. Students are encouraged to act quickly before available scholarship money has been awarded and dorm rooms are no longer available.

The first camp will be residential, with students occupying dorms on the Scooba campus that will not be their permanent rooms once the fall semester begins. A bus will be provided to shuttle band students who will attend class at the Golden Triangle campus. GT students may also drive their own cars to Scooba, but must reside in a dorm for the week.

The second camp is a day camp and begins on move-in day. Scooba campus students will be housed in their permanent rooms and a bus will be provided every day for GT campus students.

Meals will be provided for students at both camps, but students must take care of all college business and be registered for band class prior to the first camp.

For the first camp, students are required to bring their own clothes, bedding, hygiene supplies, medicine, towels, sunscreen, hat and water bottle. Also, students must bring 10 jar lids (just the lids) for use as marching markers.

The Mighty Lion Band began accepting members from the Golden Triangle campus in 2013, providing a bus to shuttle GT campus students to and from the Scooba campus for practice and events.

At the same time, EMCC rolled out a trio of new band scholarships available to students from both campuses. The primary band scholarship covers tuition and fees at either campus. Advanced band scholarships provide tuition and fees plus half the cost of room and board at Scooba or $500 for books at GT. And the honors scholarship raises the award to full cost of room and board at Scooba or $1,000 for books at GT.

“With Pell grants more and more limited, the ability to get financial aid through a band scholarship has become one of the best options for our students,” said Stringer. “And there’s nothing like this at any other school. Nobody can touch those scholarships.”

Potential band members can fill out a prospective student questionnaire at or contact Steve Stringer at