Sunday, July 6, 2014

City of Louisville Pays Disaster Bills/Hire Architectural Firm for Winston Plywood Construction

City of Louisville officials met on Tuesday evening (June1)in a regularly scheduled meeting and took the following actions:

  • Issued a resolution honoring Gerald Hayes upon retirement. Hayes had served with the Louisville Police Department for 27 years.
  • Issued a resolution honoring Otis Eichelberger upon retirement. Eichelberger has been a city employee for 40 years.
  • Adopted resolution declaring continued Local Emergency Proclamation for the next thirty days, June 28-July 27.
  • Airport: authorized payments upon receipt of FAA funds plus city funds to Kemp Associates $2,913.50 and to Davidson Hauling for $32,935.50 for application #9 for the Terminal Building Project.
  • Natron CDBG Project: Authorized payments to Southern Electric for $57,037.42 and to Calvert-Spradling Engineers for $7,000.00 and acknowledged submission of request for funds from MDA CDBG.
  • Accepted Bids for Supplies for 2014-2015-enclosed
  • Authorized the Mayor to sign an agreement with an architectural firm for the Winston Plywood project- After scoring the 3 submitted bids, the City chose the firm Pryor- Morrow from Columbus, Ms for design and professional services.
  • Approved payment of Docket of Claims # 11199-11558 for June bills $216,088.24
  • Authorized payments for the landfill project as follows:
Neel Schaffer $11,693.89
Ronald Clark Logging $28,000.00
Century Construction $11,137.50
Jantz $151,096.00
  • Authorized disaster related payments as follows:
Broaddus & Associates - Program management $35,026.08
True North- Debris Monitoring $47,963.00
Hensley R. Lee- Debris Removal $520,801.94
Hughes Management- Debris Removal at Plywood tbd
True North- Debris Monitoring at Plywood tbd
Taylor Tucker, Attorney –legal fees $8,550.00
  • Approved request to continue to employ Tony Harris as a part time as needed Cemetery employee.
  • Acknowledged the July 4 holiday.
Several members of the board also expressed concern relating to Jake's recycling. In a previous agreement that involved a land swap with Jake's recycling located on Railroad Avenue, Jake's was given until April of this year to remove property from outside the fenced in area (except scale house) and until April 2015 to completely vacate the property. Board members indicated that the property outside the fence had never been completely cleaned up and since the disaster, matters had become worse.
After discussion, the board approved a resolution to have eviction papers drawn up relating to the areas outside the fencing. The board agreed to provide a 30 day notice and if the property was not cleaned up, the city may begin action to remove items from that area.