Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Construction and Rebuilding Progressing in Louisville

Rebuilding across Winston County and the City of Louisville is well
underway three months after the April 28th tornado. With no permit system in the County, hard numbers are difficult to come by but continually updated information from the City of Louisville is available.

With extensive damage and cleanup requirements in the affected areas, rumors circulated that building permits were not being issued by the City and/or that the costs of permits were prohibitive.

A review of permit requirements and fees and total permit issues indicate that permits are being issued and that fees are only slightly higher than those prior to the tornado damage.

The last hard numbers available were totals from July 15. City officials indicate that 42 permits were issued in affected areas with an average fee of $220.

WWN checked with the City on Tuesday and indications were that at least 20 more permits had been issued in the past week.

Louisville officials recently raised permit fees slightly for the first time in more than 20 years and raised the building code standards and electrical code standards to more closely reflect national standards.