Thursday, July 24, 2014

Officials Looking for Cost Effective Solutions for Slab/Concrete Removal

Winston Web News has learned that efforts are under way to facilitate proposals for slab removals for homes destroyed in the April 28th tornado.  Currently concrete material is not eligible for debris removal from City and County right of ways. Under FEMA requirements ,FEMA/MEMA reimbursed debris removal contractors cannot pick up or be reimbursed for removing slabs and other concrete from private property.

Details have not been completed at this time but officials are looking at the option for local contractors to submit proposals at a set price for slab removal and backfill of the site. A possible site for the concrete has been explored.

The homeowner will be responsible for the cost of removal and would need to agree to participate.  FEMA does not reimburse the City of Louisville and Winston County for removal of concrete either from private property or from the ROW.

As more details become available, WWN will keep you informed.