Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Highlights from Meeting of Board of Supervisors

The Winston County Board of Supervisors met on Monday, August 18 in a regularly scheduled meeting. In addition to normal business matters the Board took up the following issues:

Sheriff Jason Pugh indicated that there was an issue with
connectivity between his office phone and 911. After hour calls and weekend calls to the Sheriff’s office should roll over and be answered by 911 staff in the 911 center. In some cases, the transfer did not occur. Investigation indicates that the problem may be a hardware issue in the 911 center. There is some issue concerning ownership of the equipment involved. The Board instructed Sheriff Pugh to pursue the issue and get the problem fixed.

The Board discussed the need to hire a CPA firm to perform a 2014 – 2015 audit for the County. The County will pursue quotes for the project.

The Board received a request for assistance with burial expenses for an individual. After legal review, it was determined that there were multiple restrictions limiting the County’s ability to pay burial costs including a limit of $250. It was determined that this is an involved process and criteria, the declaration of the individual as a pauper and review of their assets and Social Security benefits. No action was taken on the request.

The Board received a request from citizens on Birmingham Street requesting assistance to get the street paved. The letter noted that the street had been damaged by log trucks in the past. The Board noted that the street is actually inside the city limits of Louisville and not within their jurisdiction.

The Board reviewed the Road Register provided by Golden Triangle Planning and Development District. It was noted that there are 700.62 miles of County maintained roads of which approximately 390 miles are paved and 310 are gravel.

The Board also listened to an appeal from a local taxpayer concerning taxes on several properties. After discussion the Board took the issue under advisement.

Warden Higgason updated the Board on personnel issues at the Winston Choctaw County Regional Correctional Facility indicating that the turnover rate is critical and has been as high as 70% since last September. Said Higgason between the low salary in the difficulty of the job it is difficult to keep personnel. Higgason indicated that the average salary across the state for correctional personnel was around $10 per hour. This is roughly 1 dollar per hour more than at WCCRCF. The Board agreed to discuss personnel and wages further as upcoming budgets are determined.

The Board held up an invoice from Hughes construction due to a documentation issue on some parts of the invoice. There is some question as to the Debris Monitor’s documentation related to this invoice. The Board did not question the authenticity of the invoice but was concerned about the issue of reimbursement by FEMA due to improper documentation.

The Board also met with Gerald Mills, Economic Development Director concerning the Teters’ building and an upcoming lease renewal. Teter's has asked the County to provide insurance coverage for the building and have the County bill the company for the cost – indicating that the County can purchase the insurance at a lower rate than the company. A new lease will be required for the upcoming year and the terms of lease will be reviewed. wwm