Friday, August 8, 2014

Photos Lead to Break in Fuel Theft Case

Local law enforcement indicated today (Friday) that a recent article
on WinstonWebNews and Winston County Crimestoppers has led to a break in the case of fuel theft by embezzlement that occurred in April and May of this year. The article ran on Wednesday (August 6) concerning the unauthorized use of a company credit card at the Waring Oil Company location on W. Main St. in Louisville. A series of photographs of a vehicle and trailer that may have been involved were included in the article.

Winston County Sheriff Jason Pugh indicated that local Crimestoppers had received numerous phone calls with tips and that one individual recognized the vehicle and contacted the owner. The owner of the vehicle came to the Louisville Police Department and gave a statement of the events. Investigators expect this information to lead to an arrest and possible additional charges.

While the credit card was taken from property in Winston County, the fuel was taken from a property within the city limits of Louisville. Pugh expects the case to be turned over to the City of Louisville for prosecution and indicated that his department would assist in any way they can.

Pugh also wanted to thank the viewers of WinstonWeb and the Winston County Crimestoppers page for their input and diligence. Pugh said, "Crimestoppers received several phone calls on this vehicle and we were able to identify it even though it is not located in this County."

As further details become available, Winston Web News will update this story.