Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Winston County Extension Hosts Seminar on Repairing Your Landscape After a Storm

Dr Jeff Wilson shows correct pruning techniques
One of the issues that many homeowners have had to face after the April 28 tornado is the loss of trees and shrubs in their landscape. On Monday, August 25, the Winston County Extension Service hosted a seminar for local citizens to provide information to assist in repairing their landscaping.

Dr. Jeff Wilson, a Regional Extension Specialist and County Agent Mike Skipper provided some tips and useful information on plant selection, pruning, planting and fertilizer.

 Wilson recommended using native plants and hardwood plants in your home's landscaping due to their durability. He indicated the importance of knowing the growth rate and the mature size so that the homeowner can put the right plant in the right place without excessive pruning or having to later move a plant. He also
suggested taking extra care in picking the proper plants that may be placed around overhead power lines. Trees and shrubs that grow too tall may be subject to removal or excessive pruning if they interfere with power lines.

Wilson also recognized that many homeowners are faced with the decision of removing a tree or pruning. He recommends considering the following questions:
Is the tree structurally safe?
Will it recover to a natural shape in five years or less?
Is it worth the effort and cost to prune?

Wilson noted that there were several other issues to be considered including the tree’s location in the landscape. Will the tree require excessive pruning resulting in nothing more than an 18 foot tall stump in your yard? He also recommended the use of licensed and bonded companies to trim and prune larger trees due to insurance issues.

Wilson and Skipper also provided tips on when to prune different types of trees and shrubs, when to fertilize and fertilizer types and how to properly plant a new tree or shrub in your yard.

For more information, contact the Winston County Extension Office for assistance.