Friday, September 26, 2014

Aldermen Vote to Not Pursue Academy Park Housing

After an emotion filled public hearing on Tuesday night (Sept 23), the Louisville Board of Aldermen reconvened last night (Thursday) to vote on the controversial proposed sale of Academy Park in Louisville for a 35 unit housing project.

Alderwoman Gwenita Mays set the tone for the meeting when she
addressed the crowd. Mays expressed her support for developing further housing in Louisville  and recognizing the need brought about by April's tornado but acknowledged the public's wish to keep the Park and their specific concerns related to safety, crime and the historical significance of the park to the surrounding area.

Mays then made a motion for Academy Park to remain as is -pending further discussion.

Alderwoman Frances Ball also commented. " We see your passion for the park but we need housing -we are going to have housing somewhere. If we vote to keep the park, we want the same passion for maintaining it. Stand up and take notice of what's happening at the park- stand up to your word as citizens to keep the park up. Help us keep the vandals out. We need your help if it s going to remain a city park."

Alderwoman Judy McLeod also addressed the crowd stating, "You knew where I stood from the word go. The passion and love that I have seen for this park has made my heart ache. I will vote to keep the park right where it is."

After taking note of the fact that there was a second plan to be considered for the housing project, the Board voted unanimously to keep the park and not pursue development at that location.