Wednesday, September 17, 2014

EMCC Offers Free GED Practice Test Event


What: Free GED practice tests, plus the opportunity to earn vouchers to take the official GED free of charge. The fee for the official GED test is $120.

When: Monday, Sept. 22 to Friday, Oct. 3

Where: EMCC’s Golden Triangle, Scooba, Lion Hills, West Point and Macon locations

Questions: Call (662) 243-1985 or email


If you’ve been thinking about getting your GED, there may never be a better time to get started than the next two weeks. East Mississippi Community College’s Adult Basic Education-GED division, The Launch Pad, will host its Countdown to Launch event beginning next week with testing and classes at its Golden Triangle, Scooba, Lion Hills, West Point and Macon campuses. From Sept. 22 through Oct. 3 GED practice tests will be offered free of charge (a $24 value) to students through GED Testing Service. Also, students who score as “Likely to Pass” on any of the four sections of the practice GED test will receive a voucher to take that section, or sections, of the official GED test for free if they enroll in Launch Pad courses.Finally, any student who scores as Likely to Pass on a section of the practice GED test, but fails that section of the official GED test, will receive a free re-test on that section from GED Testing Service.

EMCC ABE director Jim Bearden said the number of people taking the GED test has dropped nationwide for several reasons, but Countdown to Launch will attack some of those issues for two weeks.

“At the beginning of 2014 the cost to take the GED test rose from $75 to $120. And the test itself changed, with the biggest difference being the difficulty level in mathematics. The math section is more geared toward Common Core and a little bit heavier on algebra,” said Bearden.

“Also, the science and social studies sections both added a writing component that requires students to analyze passages and think critically about outcomes in their own words.”

After taking the practice test, students will receive a diagnostic report about their readiness for the official GED test, including which areas they need to work on. Launch Pad instructors and counselors will contact each student, explain the practice test results and suggest which EMCC classes can help them prepare for the official test.

“For students who have been putting the GED off, maybe waiting to hear from somebody about the new test, this is a good time to come see for yourself how ready you are,” said Bearden.

During the two-week period, students will be allowed to take the four sections of the practice GED test at their own pace.

“Most people won’t take the whole test in one day. They can take whatever they’re comfortable with and we’ll schedule them to come back. They can do one practice section a day or space them out. It’s still free as long as it’s done in the two-week period,” said Bearden.

The practice test is administered online through, but students must take practice tests at an adult education center like EMCC to take advantage of the free promotion.

Students can visit the Launch Pad offices at EMCC’s Golden Triangle campus any time over the next two weeks to get started or call The Launch Pad at (662) 243-1985 or email


Free EMCC GED Practice Test Event 1 or 2

GED graduates celebrate following commencement at East Mississippi Community College’s Golden Triangle campus. For the next two weeks EMCC is offering free GED practice tests at several campuses during its Countdown to Launch event.