Thursday, September 18, 2014

Halftime Ceremony for Coach Matthew “Bud” Turner

All friends, former athletes, and students of Matthew “Bud” Turner are invited to join Coach Turner and family on the field during the halftime ceremony Friday October 3, 2014 at Winston Academy. Coach Turner will be presented an appreciation plaque and WA shirt sponsored by the Winston Academy booster club. This will also be time for all former players and students to say a personal thank you to the man that touched so many lives through an exemplary example.

Matthew Turner has had numerous honors throughout his years of coaching and teaching. Coach Turner touched the lives of many with whom he had personal associations. He led by his Christian example and he taught the “hard work ethic” on the field and in the classroom. This approach contributed to the future success of many of his players and students. His guidance helped to prepare them well for the most important and biggest game- LIFE.

“Daddy Bud” as he was fondly called by a number of his players, believed sports taught young men and women many valuable life lessons, particular using his tough love disciplinary practices. Most important, however, Coach cared about the individual person and how well they represented their school. Turner stressed to his players to be good role models for the younger generation. He insisted players and students represent their school with pride and dignity and he never accepted less than their best from them.

If you are a former player, student or friend of Matthew “Bud” Turner and he had an impact (big or small) on your life, please come out and say thank you in person to Coach Turner, and the coach’s family.