Thursday, September 4, 2014

Miss Ruth's Babies' Concession Stand Ready for Dean Park Re-Opening

A glimpse of the mural at Dean Park of Miss Ruth's Babies' Concession Stand with these children putting the finishing touches on it. Artist Humdah Salahadyn of Atlanta, GA completed the mural several days ago but left space for the community children to leave their hand prints on it. "Job well done children", said President of Dean Park, Richard Moncrief after they completed the project Sunday, August 31, 2014.

The GRAND OPENING of the newly renovated "Miss Ruth's Babies' Concession Stand" and the unveiling of the mural of Miss Ruth Eichelberger-Bennett and 4 year old Ashtyn Rose Mitchell will be Friday, September 5, 2014, 12 noon. You can be one of the first to be served lunch at the concession stand at the grand opening.

Mrs. Ruth Eichelberger-Bennett was the day care center owner who lost her life in the tornado of April 28, 2014, while clutching 4 year old, Ashtyn Mitchell, who is still alive after several weeks of hospitalization. Many believe that she saved Ashtyn's life; therefore, she is considered one of the heroes during the tornado. Renovation of the concession stand is designed to encourage more use of the stand which will help generate funds for Dean Park and for various organization or individuals who will rent it.

This a 'Sparkplug' Project sponsored by: Appalachian Community Learning Project (ACLP), Friends of Dean Park, Inc. and Dean Park Commission.

For more information,please contact: Richard Moncrief, 662.736-3323 or Elmetra Patterson 510.672-2106.