Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Nanih Waiya DAR Prepares for Constitution Week

Sitting L to R: Mary Tabor,Mayor Will Hill,
 and Paula Fulton Standing L to R: Susan Clark,
Janis Tabor,Brenda Hunt, Annie Pearl
Matthews, and Patricia Stokes

The Nanih Waiya Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution joined with Mayor Will Hill on Tuesday as he signs a Proclamation of Constitution Week.

The week of September 17-23 recognizes the 227th anniversary of the framing of the U. S. Constitution in 1787.

The Constitution has served as the framework for our system of government and the celebration's goal is to emphasize the citizen's duty and responsibility in protecting and preserving it for future generations.

Mary Tabor of the NWDAR said, "For our government to succeeed, the democracy established in our Constitution requires active participation of its citizens. By fulfilling civic duties, engaging government at all levels and volunteering in our communities, individual citizens can improve our country and breathe life into the freedoms established in our Constitution."