Thursday, October 2, 2014

$2.5 Million Grant for Work Force Development in Winston County

The U.S. Department of Labor through the Montgomery Institute is providing $2.5 million in funds for work force development in Winston County through East Central Community College. The money will go toward worker training and business support.

Reports indicate that ECCC will create the Winston County
Manufacturing Recovery Project, creating a team of industry and educational representatives that will guide training and help provide jobs. The program will help workers earn industry-recognized certifications as well as move on toward college degrees. People who wish to start businesses will also get training and support through a manufacturing incubator.

Plans are still in development but Winston County Economic Development Director Gerald Mills noted that this grant is similar to a grant provided to East Mississippi Commmunity College at Mayhew for training at the Yokohama Plant under construction in West Point. "These funds will enable a variety of classes here in Louisville at ECCC's facility including distance learning through video conferencing." said Mills.

Some details of the project are noted below:

Winston County Manufacturing Recovery Project will 
  • 1) Create the Winston County Manufacturing Sector Leadership Team composed of local manufacturers, a regional industry representative, and workforce partners to guide program development, develop work-based learning and internship programs, and help provide employment for program participants. 
  • 2) Build capacity in Winston County for East Central Community College to provide contextualized remediation, an industry-recognized manufacturing non-credit training program, and a modularized Electrical Technology CTE program. 
  • 3), Utilize hybrid and technology-enabled systems to deliver training and education and support remediation and competency-based program completions. 
  • 4) Build career pathways from non-credit to university that uses prior learning assessments and articulation agreements. 
  • 5) Lattice and stack industry-recognized credentials in project programs based on industry input. 
  • 6) Enhance instructors use of advanced technology.  
  • 7) Provide entrepreneur training and manufacturing incubation support for participant wishing to start businesses. 

Credentials to be developed and awarded include credit and non-credit certificates. The project benefits Trade Adjustment Assistance eligible, unemployed and displaced workers, veterans and particularly those who have been displaced by the devastating tornado that hit Winston County in April 2014.

from press reports/staff interviews

Some of the money will be used to buy up-to-date technology for instructors to use in teaching.
-- Associated Press

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