Thursday, October 9, 2014

Decoding Dyslexia Documentary Shown on 10/14

Decoding Dyslexia-Ms will be in Louisville on Tuesday, 10/14 to present an educational documentary about dyslexia and a question and answer session at Northgate Cinema. All LMSD personnel, board members, and Head Start have been invited to attend.

 On Wednesday, 10/15, the Mayor and City Officials have agreed to "Light it up RED" at City Hall and the Courthouse that night in support of dyslexia awareness and the 1 in 5 that are affected by this disability. Both buildings will be lit up with red lights. This event is going on all over the country on 10/15 .

There will also be red bows on all the light posts on Main Street for the entire week next week in support of Dyslexia awareness. All schools and city employees have been encouraged to wear red on that day, along with numerous other businesses that are participating.