Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mississippi Action for Progress (Headstart) 50th Anniversary Parade Oct 24

On Friday; October 24 at 9:30am, MAP, Inc.which stands for
Mississippi Action for Progress (Headstart) will be celebrating their 50th Anniversary with a Parade! The theme is, Past, Present, and Future Leaders & Educators of Headstart!

The parade will start from the coliseum and come up Main Street for this celebration! They hope you will take out time to join them during this event. They will leave the Headstart building at 8:45am, unload at the coliseum, and start the Parade at 9:30am.

Parade participants include all teachers and staff of Headstart, former students and employees, chief of police, Buffalo Soldiers, Louisville band, and many more. They hope to see you there.