Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sixteen to Twenty One? - Not in School?- Looking for a Job?

If you are 21 or younger, not in school and searching for
employment, there may be a program to get your foot in the door and get paid in the process. The Counseling to Career Out of School Job Training Program is a federally funded program that gives youth an opportunity to train for a job and prove themselves on the job at no cost to an employer. Here's the details:

There are 20 slots available in Winston County and only a few have been filled for the Fall. Youth must be 21 years old or younger and not currently enrolled in school. ( You may be in GED classes) This includes those who dropped out before getting their high school diploma, those who got their diploma but did not attend college, those with some college or those with associate degrees who have had trouble finding a job.

Through Golden Triangle Planning and Development, enrolled youth will attend a series of weekly sessions to prepare them for the work force by teaching work ethics and employer expectations. The youth are then matched to an employer based upon interest and need.

There is no cost to the employer as the program pays wages and workman's compensation for up to 150 hours of labor. The idea is to give the participant the chance to prove themselves to an employer without the employer incurring costs or risk. After the program , the employer has the option to retain the participant or not. The program will continue to assist the youth for a period of time in a search for other employment.

Participants are required to provide some documentation for identification, residency, etc. If you are interested in finding out more about this program, call Theresa Shumaker at 662-324-7860 ext 1125 or 662-418-8832. Slots are limited.

You can also come by our offices at 116 S. Columbus Ave for a flyer and more information. wwm