Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Supervisors Receive Briefing on WMC Status

Winston County Supervisors met on Monday, October 20 in a
regularly scheduled meeting. Supervisors had a light agenda highlighted by Paul Black, administrator of the Winston Medical Center. Black provided a security collateral document needing Supervisors’ approval that is required for a Community Disaster Loan. Black noted that in past disasters such as Katrina, the type of loans were forgiven at a later date.

Black also briefed the board on the rebuilding status of Winston Medical Center and indicated that a RFP had been developed for possible land purchase and that negotiations were continuing with the insurance company and FEMA in terms of payment for damages sustained in the April 28 tornado. Black informed the board that there will not be a waiver on the mileage distance from other critical care facilities and that the hospital board would be taking a different tack on this issue.

The Supervisors also open bids for chain link fence around a portion of the Winston Choctaw County Regional Correctional Facility. After discussion, the board approved a bid from JeffCoat Fencing for $40,662. This includes security fencing including arb wire and razor wire.

At the request of Tax Assessor Larry Woodward, the Board approved a contract to accept credit/debit cards in the tax assessor’s office. Woodward indicated that after some delay, this contract was a better deal for the County than the initial contract that was considered. All fees associated with the use of credit/debit cards will be passed on to the consumer.

The full agenda of the board is available for review in the Chancery Clerk’s office and the minutes of the board meeting will be available online on the County’s website once the minutes are approved.

The next meeting of the Winston County Board of Supervisors is scheduled for November 3, 2014.