Saturday, October 4, 2014

Winston Strong Donations Needed

Winston Strong has need of hand tools (non-powered) and equipment to support volunteers conducting cleanout, repair, and rebuilding projects as a result of April’s devastating tornado. While they have power tools on hand, their need is hand tools. With many of their volunteer teams traveling as much as 10 hours to Louisville, MS, their ability to transport tools and equipment is limited. Having these tools will assists Winston Strong in recruitment and support of these volunteer groups.

Their Current Needs:

10 sets of flat and Philip head screw drivers
10 sets of Assorted Pliers
3 sets of crescent wrenches
5 sets of Channel lock adjustable wrenches
5-3” adjustable pipe wrenches
5-1 ½ “adjustable pipe wrenches
20 utility knives
Shingle blades
10 large Wonder Bars
10 small Wonder Bars
5-24” Crow Bars
3-36” Crow Bars
10-25’ Tape Measure
20-16 oz. claw hammers
3-5lb. Sledge Hammer
5 tin snips
10 hacksaws w/metal blades
5 keyhole saws
10- 3/8” Staple Guns
5 Caulking Guns (Commercial Grade)
10 Hand Tool Boxes
2 Job box Tool Boxes
7 Flat Hoes
7 Steel tooth Rakes
5 Large Scope Shovels
5 Flat Shovels
10 Push Broom
2 20 gallon shop vacs w/bags
Contractor Trash Bags
Portable Lighting
2-24’ Extension Ladders
5-4’-6’ Step Ladders
2-4 or 6 foot rolling scaffold
10-4” drywall knife
10-6” drywall knife
Drywall Putty Trays
Assorted Paint Brushes, Rollers, and Pads
Paint Trays

Please understand, they are needing quality items that will stand up to use over a long period of time under a variety of users. If you, your business, or organization can help with these items, please coordinate your donation with Winston Strong Volunteer Operations Center at or call (405)-403-1817

Winston Strong, the Community Based Recovery Committee coordinating individual assistance for those affected by the April 28, 2014 Louisville & Winston County tornado, is a 501 ( c ) 3 registered organization and all donations are tax deductible.