Wednesday, October 1, 2014

WMC Nursing Home is Open - Welcome Home!!

First residents return
The staff at the Winston Medical Center Nursing Home were all smiles this morning. Cell phones were used to snap pictures as employees who had been separated for months were back together after April's tornado. The smiles were also due to the anticipation of the return of the first nursing home residents later today.

The storm did extensive damage to the care facility, forcing it's closure and the dispersement of it's residents as well as layoff's and separation of employees. The five months since have been filled with planning, reconstruction and reaching for the goal of returning residents to the place they call home.

Bringing the facility back to capacity will take  until sometime in November as former residents will return a handful at a time over the next month. The home will serve up to 74 residents and now includes full cafeteria service. ( the facility took meal service from the Winston Medical Center prior to the tornado. The WMC building remains closed at this time.)

Lacey Vowell - Admin
Fran Misso - Director of Nurses
Lacey Vowell, nursing home administrator indicated that the facility was in full operation except for Station A and plans are still in the works to restore that area at some point. Vowell noted that most of the previous residents will be returning.

"This is the best day we have had in a long time. It's been a long time coming!" said Vowell.

Fran Misso, Director of Nurses, echoed those sentiments as well, stating - "We are ready to get our folks back!"

The first two residents returned around 11:30 today and more will return each week day over the next few weeks.

Nursing Home staff ready for return of patients