Friday, December 19, 2014

Phase 1 Approval by FEMA for Safe Room Shelter Facility at Nanih Waiya

School was out early today for the Christmas holiday but faculty
State Rep Evans discusses the shelter project
with LMSD Superintendent McMullan in
the background
and staff at Nanih Waiya Attendance Center gathered together at noon for a major announcement from LMSD Superintendent Ken McMullan.

McMullan informed the crowd that his office had received a letter from Robert Latham , Director of Mississippi Emergency Management, indicating that Phase 1 of a new “Safe Room” storm shelter construction project at the school had been approved by FEMA. This approval provides FEMA funding for the architectural and planning stage of construction.

A safe room combined with a new cafeteria for the Nanih Waiya school has been a major need for the school district and for the citizens of the area. McMullan said, “This project was in the pipeline before the April 28 storm but the devastation of that event moved this project to #1 on MEMA’s list.

The initial planned construction consists of 6126 square feet with 3626 square feet usable as a safe room to protect a population up to 634. The construction will be designed to withstand winds speeds up to 250 mph.
The current cafeteria facilities
at Nanih Waiya
LMSD seeks to incorporate the safe room design and funding with the school’s need for a new cafeteria. The current cafeteria structure is small, dated and lacks separation of food preparation from serving areas.

McMullan indicated that the FEMA funding for the safe room
McMullan reads letter from FEMA
forwarded by MEMA
portion of the structure along with use of some current kitchen equipment and already designated cafeteria funding should keep the costs of the construction down for Winston County taxpayers. The project costs are not completely determined but should be in the $2 million range with FEMA funding 90% of the cost of the safe room area.

  McMullan took the opportunity to thank several community leaders for their efforts in obtaining the project including State Representative Michael Ted Evans, Winston County Supervisor Luke Parkes and retiring LMSD Board of Trustee member Bobby Moody.

After an introduction by Nanih Waiya Principal David Luke, McMullan read the letter from MEMA Director Robert Latham authorizing the 1st phase of the project.

Representative Evans gave a brief history of the project that began with Buddy King , Winston County EMA Director who took the initial idea to County Supervisors including Luke Parkes.

LMSD Board member Bobby Moody spoke of the support of the District for the project and again noted those whose efforts helped bring it to fruition.

Plans are in the works in Louisville on a “safe room” facility as well with cooperation between the City and LMSD. This project is in an earlier stage of development with ongoing negotiations for location and pending FEMA/MEMA plan approval and funding availability. wwm