Monday, January 19, 2015

George A. Miller Seeking Winston County District 4 Supervisor Post

C:\Users\Elmetra Patterswon\Documents\George Miller 2.jpgNoted author and Louisville resident George A. Miller has announced his candidacy for the position of Supervisor of District 4 in Winston County.

Miller is a devoted husband and father to his wife Equilla and three children, Tiffany, Anthony and John. Miller is currently serving as Executive Director of two non-profit organizations; Focus Manor Inc., a non-profit organization located in Louisville dedicated to serving individuals with disabilities in acquiring housing, and Focus Outreach Community Development Corporation.

Other community services and projects Miller is involved in include being owner and proprietor of Genesis Learning Center, LLC; a member of the Winston County Self-Help Cooperative and the Winston County Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance; organizer of “Project LEAP” (Learning Education Achievement Progress); and a former School Administrator (2008)

Miller has previous experience in various venues, including serving as a school teacher and administrator at Starkville School District from 1996 until 2003; administrator of grant funding from Starkville School District from 2005-2009; Family Advocate/Marriage and Alcohol and Drug Therapist from 2010 -2013; and currently serves as Community housing developer and builder since 2009.

Miller’s professional affiliations include being a member of the American Psychological Association, The United States Library of Congress Writers Guild, and the YO Corporation.

Miller received his Bachelor of Science in Community Recreation from the University of Arkansas in 1973. He moved on to receive his Masters of Science in Educational Psychology from Mississippi State University in 1994, followed by receiving his Doctorate of Phi8losophy from Carolina University of Theology in 2004.

Submitted by:

The Committee to elect George A. Miller District 4 Supervisor, Winston County
366 Miller Hannah Road,
Louisville, MS 39339,