Monday, January 26, 2015

Governor/Lt. Governor Scheduled to Attend Winston Plywood Groundbreaking on Friday

Less than a year ago, a restored plywood facility was fast
approaching startup operation in Winston County. The April 28 tornado that ripped through the county and Louisville destroyed that facility and the prospects for hundreds of jobs.... leaving the community with questions and doubts that plywood production along with the corresponding jobs and timber demand would ever return to the area.

On Friday, January 30, those questions and doubts will receive a resounding answer as executives, investors and politicians will gather in the parking area of the property on S. Church Avenue for a groundbreaking ceremony for Winston Plywood and Veneer.

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant, and Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves are expected to attend the ceremony scheduled for 11:00 am.

Tentative plans include an initial startup prior to the end of the year with hiring of as many as 200 employees at that time.

After a quiet merger with Natron Wood Products in March of 2014,
remains of the facility after the April 28 tornado
Winston Plywood and Veneer (WPV)  was almost set to begin hiring for plywood production when the April 28th tornado destroyed the facility on South Church Avenue.

Without hesitation, WPV and its parent companies, - New Wood Resources and Atlas Holdings, LLC made a commitment to rebuild and become a part of the Winston County community.

Restoration of the facility in Louisville has been identified by city, county and state leaders as a major priority in the aftermath of the storm. Federal grants totalling $34.5 million and insurance will cover the significant portion of rebuilding the city owned facility which is expected to cost in excess of $46 million.

Workforce development has also been a major concern and will be addressed at the groundbreaking ceremony on Friday as well. Partnering with East Central Community College, WPV will provide some initial details to potential employees on job certification required to be included in the pool of potential employees for the new plant.

WWN will have more details throughout the week.