Monday, February 23, 2015

Area Should Brace for More Icy Weather Beginning This Afternoon

11:30 am (Monday) - Winston County should brace for another weather event this afternoon into the evening and through mid day on Tuesday (and then take a deep breath to prepare for Wednesday). Another batch of precipitation is approaching from the west (out of Texas and Louisiana) and is moving quicker than anticipated. The combination of precip and dropping temperatures increase the likelihood of freezing rain and sleet across our area beginning as early as late afternoon on Monday.

Again Winston County is on the southern edge of a freezing line across the state but some ice accumulation particularly on bridges and overpasses is expected by late afternoon into the evening hours as temps drop into the upper 20's.

Areas west of Interstate 55 across the central and north central parts of Mississippi are deemed elevated risk for ice while Winston and surrounding counties are considered limited risk. While ice accumulation on trees and power lines is a possibility.. at this time no major accumulation in our area is expected. Spot power outages are a possibility but  widespread outages are not expected as of this report.

Driving this evening and on Tuesday morning could be affected. Residents in and around Winston County should consider limiting travel until mid-day Tuesday if ice accumulates. If you must travel please use caution and allow yourself extra travel time.

Tuesday afternoon should reach well above freezing, however forecasts indicate the possibility of snow on Wednesday with accumulations of up to 4 inches in some areas of the state.

We will keep you updated...