Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Brian Sims to Enter 35th District House Race

Louisville,Ms, February 2, 2015-- Brian Sims (R), Louisville, is announcing his candidacy for the 35th District Mississippi House of Representatives, which includes several communities across Winston,Choctaw,Webster and Attala Counties.  The office is currently held by incumbent Representative Joey Hood (R).

Sims is a native from Winston County and currently an agent with Mississippi Farm Bureau.  Sims is a member of the Louisville Rotary Club, Winston County Cattlemen's Association and the Mississippi Cattlemen's Association.  Brian, his wife Laura Hope and children are all members of South Louisville Baptist Church where he serves as a deacon and the minister of music.

Sims commented, "After months of much thought and prayer, I am seeking the office of State Representative for Mississippi District 35.  I have a strong desire to help secure for our children a brighter and safer future in Mississippi.  Our next generation should have the opportunity for success in education that would secure future employment in a growing state economy.  I firmly believe that if we wish to have such a future for ourselves and our posterity, then citizens must be willing to engage  the legislative process and have the courage to stand on godly principles and time tested conservative values.

Sims also stated, "In the past several years, we have witnessed state and federal government increasingly acting as if they are the head not the tail.  Citizens have lost confidence in the  government's role to act responsibly.  Therefore, we must restore our resolve and work together for a brighter and safer future in our communities and in our state.  I believe that through common sense, responsibility and hard work, we can begin restoring our hope in government responsibility and a future of prosperity."