Wednesday, February 4, 2015

City Briefed on Airport, Concerns About Jakes' Move

In the regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, February 3rd, the Louisville Board of Aldermen received a briefing from Mike Forster, Chairman of the Airport board . Forster indicated that at least once a year, he wanted to update the City on general information at the facility such as hangar leases.

Forster noted that the rates for hanger leases will remain the same this year with no increases needed and that a new hangar is under construction and to be completed in April for the Taylor Machine Works jet and one other aircraft. He indicated that there are no vacant hangars spaces available at the airport. Forster said that the new hangar for the Taylor aircraft would allow the aircraft to be stored here which would be more cost effective and convenient for the company and more profitable for the airport.

Last year, the airport sold $230,000 worth of fuel. Forster noted that having an attendant on duty had increased fuel sales and would likely continue to do so and increase revenue at the airport. 

Several alderman noted the accomplishments at the airport of the last couple of years and thanked Forster for his work.

In addition to typical business, the board also signed a Statewide Mutual Aid Compact. This agreement covers liability issues, workmans comp,etc for jurisdictions that may assist in times of emergency such as last April’s tornado. The updated agreement now includes the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians and covers legal aspects of jurisdictions helping each other in time of emergency.

Jake Rich of Jakes Recycling also spoke to the Board. Due to a land swap with the City, Jakes Recycling is to be vacating the property on Railroad Avenue by April 1st. However, Rich asked the Aldermen for an extension due to difficulties from tornado cleanup and from the wet weather. Rich felt that he could not vacate the property by the April 1st deadline. After discussion and some concerns about the length of time it is already taking to execute this land swap, the board decided to revisit the issue closer to the April deadline with the possibility of providing a 90 day extension provided effort has been shown to meet the deadline.

The Board recessed until Friday, February 6 to review bids for the Winston Plywood facility construction. The next meeting of the Board is scheduled for February 17th. wwm