Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Mississippians Make Stuff - Groundbreaking for Winston Plywood & Veneer

Building and recovery were the themes of the day
Mayor Hill gives key to the city to WPV
at the groundbreaking on Friday for the Winston Plywood and Veneer facility. The groundbreaking marks a true beginning for the construction of a 100 million dollar facility that will provide up to 400 jobs in Winston County. Dignitaries included the governor and local state representatives as well as local leaders and company officials. 

Dick Baldwin, a company official, said being here in Mississippi is like being home. Baldwin noted that after the storm and its aftermath, the strong and quality leadership in the community led the company to realize that they should be here and chose to rebuild the facility. 

Baldwin indicated that plans are to make this facility a world class global standard. "We're going to try some innovative things to get this plant up and going by the end of the year and have up to 400 employees working." 

Baldwin also noted that research with Mississippi State University determined that this plant could create up to 1400 jobs in the area and have a impact on 33 counties with timber harvesting.

Andy Bursky, CEO Atlas Holdings,
speaks of the company's commitment
to the community.
 Andrew Bursky, the CEO of Atlas Holdings,LLC was also on hand and noted that WPV could not be in better hands than Dick Baldwin.  The facility was purchased on March 28th, 2014 and everything changed 30 days later.  "But we didn't change our commitment" said Bursky. "Financial wisdom said take the money and go but we had a commitment . We believe committed people in business can do great things.

Governor Bryant speaks to the crowd
Governor Phil Bryant was on hand and spoke of the recovery efforts and the commitment of the state,federal and local officials and the Mississippi Development Authority in this project. 

"Recovery means more than a speech or a hope but it means a building of things to put 400 Mississippians to work here. In Mississippi we choose to rise... we rise up to build, we rise up to help each other... we know how to recover Mississippi style." said Bryant. 

According to Bursky, plans are to have the plant operational by the last quarter of 2015.

This trackhoe performs a ceremonial groundbreaking of Winston Plywood and Veneer