Monday, March 30, 2015

Editorial/Submission Policy

With the growth of WinstonWebNews, the need for a clear editorial /opinion submission policy has become obvious. When WWN was started, the goal was to provide a venue for information on events and obituaries and a link to other online resources in the local community. As demand for more current news and information across Winston County increased, we have expanded our services and product to meet that demand.

As a result, we are often presented with articles and letters expressing opinions or advocating action of a political or social nature. In addition, while rare, we occasionally produce our own editorial content.

It should be understood that WWN was established to provide more information and more current information to the citizens of Winston County – not to shape opinion or promote the opinions of WWN or any other party. We are local in nature and strive to remain so.

That being stated, we are advocates for our community and seek to promote a positive image for our area and to promote sharing of information.

The following is a basic policy that will be followed for all submissions for publication:

WWN reserves the right to reject any and all submissions. This rejection may be based upon but not limited to: space requirements, publication of similar submissions, volume of submissions, content, or failure to meet any of the following standards based upon WWN’s evaluation:

1. We place no specific word count limit but do require the submission to be concise, clear and to the point. If the submission does not meet our standards, it will not be published.

2. Only one submission per writer per month on a single topic.

3. All submissions must include a name, address and phone number. Only the name will be published.

4. Submissions containing libelous statements or those intended as advertising will not be published.

5. Submissions that target previous submission writers will be edited to remove the name of such letter writers who are non-candidates or non-public figures. Letters critical of previously published columns may identify the writer only once, and then only to make it clear which column they are writing about.

6. When receiving a quantity of letters on a particular issue, WWN will attempt to provide submissions on both sides.

7. WWN will ONLY publish submissions that are local in nature. We do not cover national or state political or social issues unless there is a direct correlation to the local community. Submissions relating to national figures, national politics and broad social issues are not the focus of WWN. There are other sufficient avenues to express these opinions.

8. During political seasons, candidates are encouraged to submit their positions on issues relative to the office they seek but personal attacks upon opponents or submission of material that cannot be proven to be factual will not be published.

9. WWN will not publish submissions deemed to be hearsay or race baiting in nature. 

10. WWN will make every attempt to not edit content but foul language and vulgarities will not be tolerated. Certain words or content may be blocked or the entire submission may be rejected at our discretion.

11. WWN reserves the right to reject any and all submissions.

Social Media Policy

Use of social media is a fact of life and while WWN has less control over postings to Facebook and Twitter, the above policies apply. Posts to our sites that do not meet these standards are subject to removal and persistent inappropriate posts will result in individual blockage from the site.