Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Louisville School District Recognizes Parents of the Year

 (L-R)Joey Holdiness-NW, Hope Young-Nox, Katie Ainsworth- LES, Dante King-Eiland, Bob Fuller-Fair, (not pictured Rita Eichelberger- LHS (and District Parent of the Year)

The Louisville Municipal School District announced and honored the Parents of the Year at their Monday, March 16 Board meeting. Recognized for their contribution were: Hope Young - Noxapater, Dante King - Eiland Middle School, Bob Fuller - Fair Elementary, Katie Ainsworth - Louisville Elementary, Joey Holdiness - Nanih Waiya and Rita Eichelberger - Louisville High School.

Rita Eichelberger was selected as a Parent of the Year for the 4th
time and is the District Wide Parent of the Year. Due to health reasons, Mrs. Eichelberger was unable to attend the ceremony and her husband Paul accepted the award for her.