Thursday, March 5, 2015

Louisville/Winston County Seeks to Become an Excel By 5 Community- Attend Town Hall Meeting - March 23

A town hall meeting has been scheduled for March 23 at 6:00 pm at
Louisville Elementary Auditorium. The topic and focus will be on our own youngest and most vulnerable citizens – children under the age of 5.

This meeting is an opportunity to introduce the public and possible stakeholders to a community based early childhood development program called Excel By 5.

Community members have been working to get the project underway that would result in Winston County becoming an Excel By 5 Early Childhood Development Certified Community. Once obtained, this certification would help in identifying gaps in needed resources, promote volunteerism and promote the community economically.

The town hall meeting is Excel By 5’s official introduction to the community, parents, teachers, business leaders, government officials and health care professionals.

The Excel By 5 program starts with a local leadership team, a team composed of volunteers from all segmentsof the community: schools, health care, daycare, government, businesses, churches, civic organizations and of course – parents. Over the course of the program, specific focus will be placed on:

Providing family and parent support

Early care and education

Community involvement


The program includes events such as health and reading fairs, providing resources and training, distribution of educational material and workshops, all geared toward preparing children for school by age 5.

The Excel By 5 program is privately funded and is unique to Mississippi. There are currently 29 communities across the state that are either certified or candidates for certification.

To find out more about Excel By 5, visit the website at . Local contact numbers are listed. The best way to find out more and to participate in this program is to attend the Town Hall Meeting on March 23.