Friday, March 20, 2015

Presley Calls On Publishers Clearing House to Step Up and Warn of Jamaican Lottery Scams

Today, in a letter to the CEO of Publishers Clearing House, Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley called on the famous sweepstakes giant to aid in alerting consumers of the “Jamaican Lottery Scam” that erroneously uses the company’s name to induce victims into sending money overseas. In his letter to CEO Andrew Goldberg, Presley called for the company to take proactive steps through the Mississippi and national media alerting consumers to the fraudulent use of the company's name.
Fake lottery scammers are using Publishers Clearing House’s name to induce victims to send money to invest in alleged prizes or other winnings. USA Today recently reported that over $300 million a year is stolen from Americans by scams such as this. In Mississippi, some victims have sent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to invest in these fake winnings. The vast majority of calls in this scam come from the 876 area code in Kingston, Jamaica and target senior citizens.

Commissioner Presley says a statement to the national and Mississippi media outlets by the real Publishers Clearing House will alert numerous consumers of this growing scam and aid them to not fall prey.

"I am calling on Publishers Clearing House come forward and help prevent honest, innocent people in Mississippi from being taken advantage of by foreign scam artists. Publishers Clearing House should help denounce these criminals and set the record straight that they do not call and ask for money if you have won their sweepstakes,” said Commissioner Brandon Presley. “I am asking that they be proactive and alert consumers of this possible danger and help protect innocent people.”

For more information on the “No-Call” law or to report violators, contact Presley’s office at 1-800-637-7722 or 1-800-356-6428.