Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Telemarketer Settlements Net State $22,136.34

Four settlements result from investigation of telemarketers selling Bahamas Cruise via political robocalls.
Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley announced four settlements in cases of alleged Do Not Call law violations that will yield a combined $22,136.34 for the State of Mississippi. Caribbean Cruise Lines, Inc.; Steve Hamilton; Linked Service Solutions, LLC, Scott Broomfield, and Jason Birkett; and Economic Strategy and Jacob DeJongh were alleged to have illegally used political survey robobcalls as a means of selling cruise vacations to the Bahamas.
The named telemarketers allegedly tacked their sales pitches to the survey in an attempt to skirt the Do Not Call law. The four telemarketers that settled are just four of many companies alleged to have used this illegal practice. The Public Service Commission has not ruled out further legal action and continues its investigation into these types of calls.

“These settlements are a direct result of Mississippians filing complaints with the Public Service Commission. We are committed to enforcing the No Call law and protecting Mississippians’ privacy at home,” Presley said.

Mississippians who wish to add their home telephone number to Mississippi’s No Call list should contact the PSC at 1-800-356-6428 or online at www. psc.state.ms.us/nocall.