Thursday, April 30, 2015

Friday is the Deadline for AT&T Customers to Apply for Refund.

JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI (April 30, 2015) – Today, Public Service
Commissioner Brandon Presley encouraged current and former AT&T customers who received “cramming” charges on their monthly bills to apply for a refund by Friday, May 1, 2015. The refunds were ordered as part of an October, 2014, $105 million settlement with the Federal Trade Commission over unauthorized charges for third-party text messaging services, a scam known as “mobile cramming.” Some examples of these scam services include monthly subscriptions for text messages with sports scores, weather, love tips, or horoscopes. Any customer who was charged for these messaging services without permission is entitled to a refund.

“I am in full agreement with FTC actions to put a stop to mobile cramming. I urge every current and former AT&T customer in Mississippi to make sure they get the money they are owed,” Presley said.

AT&T customers are not the only victims of cramming charges. T-Mobile customers have a deadline of June, 30, 2015 to apply for a similar refund. Verizon and Sprint remain in settlement negotiations with federal regulators.

AT&T customers are encouraged to call a toll-free hotline at 877-819-9692 to find out if they are eligible for the refund. Customers can apply for the refund online as well at For more information contact the Mississippi Public Service Commission at 1-800-356-6428 or online at