Friday, April 10, 2015

Louisville Mayor Hill Receives Phoenix Award for Disaster Service

Mayor Hill shown here on the day of the
tornado that struck Louisville & Winston Co.
Louisville Mayor Will Hill was just announced as a 2015 winner of the Small Business Administration’s Phoenix Award for a public official. These awards go to individuals who through their actions have helped their community recover successfully from a disaster.

Mayor Hill was nominated earlier this year  for his work after the April 28, 2014 tornado. The recipient is selected at the national level by the SBA Administrator based on the recommendations of a panel of judges.

To be considered for this award, a public official must have:
1) Taken quick, proactive steps to establish calm in the aftermath of the disaster.
2) Functioned as an organized and focused leader, communicating effectively with local and federal emergency responders while coordinating rescue and recovery efforts.
3)  Given selflessly of his/her time, energy, and skills to protect and reassure the public.
4) Deeply involved in the long-term recovery and future disaster preparedness of the community.
Mayor Hill (on the right) with Governor Bryant and MEMA Officials
inspecting the temporary hospital site.

Earlier this year, WWN was a party to an interview between Hill and an SBA official. When asked if this was his first experience with a major disaster, Hill replied, “Yes and you find that you are learning at warp speed – you throw experience out the window and you just react.” With a disaster of this magnitude you realize that “you joined a club that you didn’t ask to join.”

Mayor Hill will travel to Washington in May to accept the award.