Sunday, April 26, 2015

Safety Town Event Scheduled for May 2

The Pilot Club of Louisville Hosts “Safety Town” A Fun & Educational Event for Children The Pilot Club of Louisville is hosting a very special public service event for Winston County children, aged sixth grade and younger, called “Safety Town.”

This important event will be held at Louisville’s Ivy Park on Saturday, May 2nd, beginning at 10:00 am. The Pilot Club of Louisville loves to serve our community, and what better way than to host a fun outdoor event where the focus is both on fun and on safety for our children. Parents will want their children to attend “Safety Town” on May 2nd because it will be an interesting and informative event, and will provide a delightful Saturday experience for the family.

Winston County professionals are the foundation of our event, and local businesses are helping the Pilot Club make “Safety Town” successful by contributing lots of kid-friendly refreshments to keep their energy flowing, and there will be lots of fun activities.

 Children will get to see up close a police car, a fire truck, and an ambulance, and interact with the professionals who use them every day. They will learn much to make them more aware of dangers and how to avoid them, and how to respond correctly in various emergency situations. They can ask questions, and maybe even pet the Sheriff’s police dog! In fact, they might get to see a helicopter!! They will even learn a few basic maneuvers from a local martial arts instructor that can help them to escape from an abductor. The children will also get to meet the Pilot Club’s BrainMinders Puppets who visit our schools’ second grade classes to make children more aware of the dangers of head injuries and how they can protect their brains. There’s going to be a face painting booth, and who knows what other surprises! 

The event will be set up in Ivy Park in the large parking area beside the tennis courts, and visitors may park in the Coliseum parking lot. Our Safety Town event is totally free, and the Pilot Club of Louisville is tremendously excited about inviting young Winston County children to come join us on Saturday, May 2nd. We strongly encourage parents to bring the kids promptly at 10 am so they won’t miss a single thing. Dress comfortably, wear sunscreen, and be ready for fun. Check out our events page on Facebook. submitted.....