Thursday, April 9, 2015

Winston County Faces 18% Increase in Insurance Costs for Employees

Winston County is facing an 18% increase in health insurance premiums for its employees. This is one of the major issues that the Winston County Supervisors had to deal with on Monday in their regularly scheduled meeting. Increasing health insurance premiums have been an issue for the county over the last several years. This increase in one year may be the largest to date.

The board was informed that while average cost per employee had declined slightly last year, the cost to the insurer was still significantly higher than the area average of $265 per person. Winston County costs last year were $493 per person.

The 18% rate increase was projected by Blue Cross/Blue Shield yet was the only real alternative for the County as most other providers declined to offer quotes.

Approximately half of the county’s employees work with the Winston Choctaw County Regional Correctional Facility (WCCRCF) and that cost will be carried by the facility’s budget.

Overall the increased costs will be roughly $115,000 or approximately $113 per person per month.