Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Winston County Unemployment at 9% in February

The unemployment level in Winston County for February, 2015
Area unemployment rates - Feb 2015
was 9%. The rate of unemployment for the State of Mississippi was at 6.8% and for the US as a whole was 5.8% during this same time period.

This shows improvement from a 10.1% unemployment rate in the County in January of 2015. The Mississippi Labor Market Data Report (LMR) is compiled by the Ms. Department of Employment Security on a monthly basis.

The LMR indicates that 50 additional individuals found work in the County during February but that the labor force actually shrank slightly over that period. There were 50 new unemployment claims during February and 620 Winston County residents were unemployed. This ranks 63 out of 82 counties in the state.
from MDES_ Feb 2015 Labor Market Data