Thursday, May 21, 2015

3rd Grade Re-Test at Louisville Elementary Yields Results

Louisville Municipal School District Superintendent Ken McMullan reports this morning that the first of two re-test opportunities for the 3rd Grade Reading Summative Assessment has been completed at Louisville Elementary with good results:

"I'm happy to report that we just concluded the retest for our 3rd graders who failed the 3rd grade gate. We had 15 of the 30 students who failed on the first administration to pass which moved our pass rate to over 90% at LES. It's a credit to our teachers and literacy coaches who have been doing some intense interventions to prepare our students for passing." 

The test given this year for the first time evaluates a student’s reading ability and readiness to advance to the 4th grade level. Students who did not achieve the minimum score may be required to remain at the 3rd grade level.

A second re-test will be given later this summer.

These results bring LMSD's pass ratio above the statewide average of 85%. To read our previous article on LMSD's 3rd Grade results- click here.