Monday, May 11, 2015

Noxubee Refuge News

Winston Web News will be posting updates and information from our own Noxubee Refuge as information is provided. Get out and enjoy one of the under-used jewels in our community!!

1) Canoe Day - May 16 will be the next Canoe Day - a free family fun event from 9-3. Canoes, kayaks, paddles and life-jackets are provided. And in order to keep this event a safe one, Friends are purchasing additional life vests, which should always be worn when out on the water.

2) Rookery Camera - We've submitted a grant to help pay for the proposed Rookery Camera and are waiting to hear the status. The Audubon Society is also going to help get this done. Just wait until you get a look at the Rookery up close and personal - without getting in a boat!

3) Palmer Home Fishing Derby - Friends will assist the Refuge in hosting the children from Palmer Home in Columbus for their annual fishing rodeo on June 13. Volunteers are always welcomed!

4) Louisville Wal-Mart donated Fishing Supplies - Thanks to Louisville WM for the donation of $50 in fishing supplies. All donations are so appreciated.

5) New Board Members needed - A nominating committee will soon begin working on candidates for the Board and/or Executive Committee for next year. If you want to get involved, now's your chance. Just let someone know you are interested in serving.

6) CCP Identifies Refuge Needs - A 15-year Comprehensive
Conservation Plan was recently approved for the Refuge and 2 major areas where Friends can help have been identified: advocacy and fund-raising. We can all be advocates - tell your friends how great the Refuge is! And watch for upcoming fund-raisers as we try to help cover the shortfall in Refuge budgets.

7) Connecting People with Nature Trail - One of the BIG goals of the Refuge will be to build an exciting new trail around the Bluff Lake area. Rough details sound really exciting - watch for more on this!

8) Dave Young leaving Noxubee; Need new Volunteer Coordinator - If you've volunteered at Noxubee lately, you've probably met Dave Young. We are sad to see him leaving June 1 for another assignment to Red River in Louisiana. The Friends would like to help the Refuge support a new Volunteer Coordinator - but of course, this takes money. We'll be looking at ways to accomplish this.

If you've not enjoyed spring at the Refuge, it's not too late. Come out and see the wildflowers in bloom and take note of the all the spring birds and animals that we've not seen over the winter.